Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About me

Hello to Malaysian, hello to world. It's been two years i have not writing in my blog. Actually this is my all new blog and before this i already have one but it seem's to be "cobweb" , no post and no story. What is more, i'm studying overseas and of course i do not have much time to write, just keeping busy to get familiar with my surrounding. Now i am studying in People's Republic of China at Beijing. I'm taking Mandarin as A Second Language course at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). Doing my degree in China with new circumstance, culture and people make me open up my mind that is more knowledge we can adapt from outside world. This is my second semester in my first year degree and i have been reported by Malaysia Ministry of Education that they are sending new students. Rumor's says that it might be numbers of students will join the "legacy" and it will be more than my batch. There are 54 students and we are the biggest third group in our "special course". Before this, Malaysian Government already sent their first batch on July 2008. From the record, there are 120 students are taking Mandarin Language course and this is including student sponsored by Mara and one student comes by himself. Nowadays blog has been one of medium to stress out our opinion, views and as a student it is good to take this chance. For me, learning language is an advantage. Common saying says that "once you know some nation language, you will discover nation's secret".

Learning language need to practice and writing is one of the simple method. Just click the keyboard with my own fingertips, for sure i will improve my language level. Future post will be Chinese language, and my mother tongue ; Malay language, and English. Grammatical errors will be deny because i'm still learning. Sounds arrogant? It should be, because i'm still learning and i sure i will improve my writing to the next level. That's all for my first touch in my blog. Next time detail introduction of mine will be written and more interesting topic will be discussing. My blog will be about what's near with my student life, experience, and something about my study. Thanks for spending your time to read my post.

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